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Parents' Association

The Philadelphia Boys  Gymnastics Parents' Association contributes to the continued successful development of the gymnastics participants and team program of the Philadelphia Boys' Gymnastics team by providing moral support, and by raising funds to defray expenses incurred by the team.  The PBGPA funds competition scholarships for every boy, primarily through money made at the Philadelphia Boys’ Invitational.  Any PBG athlete who wants to compete, regardless of need, is provided a uniform and competition entry fee for all the meets on the schedule.  There is a scholarship fund available for parents who are in need of assistance.  This organization will specifically not become involved in coaching-related details and decisions, which are the responsibility of the coaching staff.  In order for a boy to compete on the Philadelphia Boys' Gymnastics team, the parent(s) of the gymnast must belong to the Philadelphia Boys' Gymnastics Team Parents' Association and volunteer at the PBI. 

PA By-laws

Team Handbook

Questions about the PA can be sent to Megan Williams

Parents' Association

Maria Leal


Person to go to for: uniforms and PBI questions
Athlete: Izik (Level 4)
Years at PBG: 3
Contact: mkling210@gmail.com

Megan Williams &

Augie DeLuca

Person to go to for: PBI, Reimbursement, and Scholarships
Athlete: Gus (Level 6)
Years at PBG: 4
Contact: ottoisking@aol.com

Person to go to for; Budget and Long Range Vision
Athlete: Gus (Level 6)
Contact: afdeluca3@gmail.com

Elizabeth Johnson

Laini Delawter

Competition Registrar
Person to go to for: Meet Registration, questions about competitions or competing in general
Athlete: Reece (Level 9)
Years at PBG: 2
Contact: delawter@eagles.nfl.com

Andrea Winslow


Person to contact about special events, PBG fundraisers, etc.

Athlete: Quincy (Level 4) 

Years at PBG: 2

Contact: andrea.d.winslow@gmail.com

Marianne Gellert-Jones


Contact: marijones63@gmail.com

Another PBG parent and long-time friend brought our family to PBG in October of 2017. Our son, Henry loves PBG and we as a family have found the community here to be welcoming and very supportive. PBG families genuinely enjoy cheering on each of our boys and seeing the progress. PBG families also have been integral to the success of the program. I have benefitted from getting to know other families, and my son has benefitted from the support of PBG coaches, PBG families, and the camaraderie of his teammates. I look forward to working with our Parent Association to help all our families find the same support and sense of belonging we've experienced at PBG.

Parent Coordinator 

Person to go to for Individual Competitions 
Athlete: Charlie (Level 6)
Years at PBG: 3

Contact: johnsonegj@gmail.com