Boys’ Class Descriptions

You can arrange for your child to take part in a free trial lesson. Our coaches will determine the training level appropriate for your child based on his capabilities and age. Dress is a T-shirt and athletic shorts or a warmup. Socks or bare feet are the norm.

​Preschool: For both boys and girls, ages 3-4 years old.  Introduction to various movements, events and basic skill development. Emphasis on fun while exercising. Classes last 45 minutes and do not exceed a student:teacher ratio of 5:1.

Levels 1-3: Introductory and pre-team, ages 5-10 years old. Classes focus on gymnastics body-shapes and simple progressions for rolls, cartwheels, swings and basic strength. ​Level 3 learns simple routines as it is our pre-team group.

Level 4: This is the initial level for competing; ages 6+. Gymnasts learn the skills for performing routines on all 6 apparatuses and can compete at the state level. Not all choose to compete.

Levels 5-7: A more serious commitment and opportunity to compete at a regional level (7 states combined). Training primarily consists of pre- and post-workout conditioning, flexibility and skill training for routines.

Levels 8-10 and Junior Development: These upper level gymnasts create their own routines and can compete at a national level. At this point, gymnastics becomes a specialized sport and requires serious dedication, time, and sacrifice. ​

Girls’ Class Descriptions

Our classes cater to beginner girls, ages 5-16. Dress is a T-shirt and athletic shorts or a leotard or a warmup. Socks or bare feet are the norm.

Special needs children

If your child has special needs and cannot participate in group instruction, we can arrange private lessons for that child.

Summer schedulein effect June 19-August 22.  No classes Saturday or Sunday.

Boys’ Class Schedule

Preschool, level 1 and level 2 prices are for one class/week.

Preschool (3-4yo) Mon, Wed 9-9:45a; Tue, Wed, Thu 4-4:45p = 45 min/wk $65/month, add’l day $55/month
Level 1 Mon, Wed 9:50-10:45a; Mon-Thu 5-5:55p, Fri 6:05p = 55 min/wk $65/month, add’l day $55/month
Level 2 Wed 9:50-10:45a; Mon-Thu 6-6:55p = 55 min/wk $65/month, add’l day $55/month
Level 3 2 days/wk, 1.5 hrs each: Mon-Fri 6:05-7:35 = 3 hrs/wk $175/month
Level 4 3 days/wk, 2 hrs each: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 4-6p = 6 hrs/wk $320/month;
Level 5 3 days/wk, 3 hrs each: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 3-6p = 9 hrs/wk $360/month;
Levels 6, 7  4 days/wk, 3 hrs each: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 3-6p = 12 hrs/wk $395/month
Levels 8, 9, 10, JD 4 days/wk, 3 hrs each: Mon-Fri 6-9p = 12 hrs/wk $395/month

Girls’ Class Schedule

Prices are for one class/week.

Beginner girls Mon-Fri 4:50-5:45p, 5:50-6:45p – 55 min/wk $65/month, add’l day $55/month


* Tumbling classes to be arranged with groups of 6 or more any weekday morning. Private lessons and birthday parties (once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted) are also available by arrangement.

Class Prices

Pre-school: $65/month, 45 minute class per week

Level 1 or 2 or beginner girls: $65/month for one day per week, $55 for second day; 55 minute class

Level 3: $175/month for two days per week; 90 min class

Level 4: $320/month for three days per week; 120 min class

Level 5: $360/month for three days per week; 180 min class

Level 6+: $395/month for four days per week; 180 min class

*Tumbling: $65/month for each student (minimum of 6 students); 55 min class

In the case of two or more from one family, after the first child, each additional child will receive 10% off the training fee. The training fee is due the first week of each month. If the fee is not received by that time, a $10 late fee is charged per family for level preschool, 1 or 2, $25 for level 3 and above. A $120 once-per-year registration fee is due with the program application from July 1-Dec 31 (reduced $15/month after Jan 1). Fees are paid by cash, check, money order, Venmo, Cashapp or credit card (3% added for cc). Any family paying for 6 months at one time receives 3% discount from the 6-month total.

PBG keeps a waitlist when classes are filled and will contact any on the waitlist when an opening occurs. To reserve a slot once one opens, a $15 non-refundable deposit is required. This will be credited to the student once attendance begins and payment is made.

Circus aerial arts classes

Conducted by Kaitlin Chin, professional circus aerialist. For details and class appointments, please contact Kaitlin directly: 608-322-6875;; Or you can use this form to register for Kaitlin’s classes:

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