Why Gymnastics?

1. Gymnastics is the optimal foundation for any sport.

Your child will develop an extraordinary level of fitness: strength, flexibility, speed, balance, body awareness, endurance, and much more. Whether or not your child wants to compete, these skills transfer well to any sport.

2. Gymnasts learn to work as a team.

Training with fellow team members promotes confidence, team spirit, belief in others, and success through internal competition.

3. Learning to be independent

Gymnasts perform skills and routines on their own. They learn to take ownership of their gymnastics and must pull [or push] their own weight to get the job done.

4. Gymnastics builds character

Setting goals, working hard, learning to fall and try again; these are some of the characteristics that make good citizens.

5. It’s great for the body

Gymnasts are known for their abs. But gymnastics training also stresses a proper warm up, flexibility, and conditioning. This leads to fewer injuries and a greater overall fitness level.

6. You get to fly!

What child doesn’t want to fly, jump, and flip? This is superhero training.


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